We will champion the idea that anyone can build a solution, and walk the talk by using the same tools we offer to the entire market.

Session Descriptions

Session are subject to change.

The Asterisk Intelligence Team

The future is data, and you need the ability to manipulate and analyze your data.  We realize the future of data mining and we have recruited a team of analysts to achieve your data mining goals.

Meet the Asterisk Intelligence team and discover their vision regarding the future of data warehousing and how to make the most of the data you have.  Current store services will be presented, and recent and future projects will be discussed.

Jim Vilker headshot

Build Your 2018 Compliance Plan in 60 min


Jim Vilker, AuditLink CU*Answers

An End to end audit plan review, built with CU’s as a collaboration exercise to managing compliance and internal controls. Learn about the types of audits, how to develop a plan for each and assess risk with documentation and support. Includes a review of Cyber Security and Vendor Management, as well.

Creating your Member Communications Plan

Liz Winninger, CEO of Xtend 

It’s marketing… nope it’s communicating with your members.  What’s working, what’s not and how do you make it all happen? Let’s take a look at the channels, tools and best practices that credit unions are using to run a successful member communications plan.


Use Industry Trends to Map your Strategic Goals

Jim Craven, McQueen Financial 

As the credit union industry rapidly evolves, we are presented with many new opportunities and challenges.  Small and mid-sized credit unions often face considerable barriers.  In this session, you will learn about industry lending trends which differ substantially by credit union size and why it may make sense for smaller credit unions to follow larger credit union trends.  The session will cover several thought-provoking ideas that can be included in future planning meetings.  After attending this session, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to tackle many opportunities and challenges in our emerging industry. 

Taking the “Tough” out of Technology

Jim Lawrence, CIO Advantage 

Apply the Lessons of Harvey and Irma to your DR Plan. In this session, learn more about the Disaster Recovery Plan in place at CU*SOUTH’s data center and the options available for your CU’s Technology needs with products like Complete Care and Professional Technology Services like AdvantageCIO.



mDTM: Mobile Members and Managing Digital Transactions

Tim Wright, CEO of eDOC Innovations

Traditional membership demographics are giving way to a new community of members –mobile members – who bring new expectations and requirements in lending and payment practices. In a season of highly disruptive innovation, the digital experience is now as important as every in-person experience of the past. Credit union leaders must now have execution tactics for digital transactions, which require state-of-the-art, simple to use, secure, and self-directed mobile capabilities that are necessary to meet the mobile member's expectations. mDTM® makes digital transaction management real for credit unions and members. Learn how your peers are using it.

Active Shooter Workshop

Mike Burke, Shazam

Ten minutes. That’s how long most active shooter incidents take. Any financial institution can be a target, so every institution should know exactly what to do in those ten minutes of crisis. During this active shooter workshop participants will:

  • Discover different types of active shooters
  • Learn the steps to take if an incident happens
  • Understand the recovery process of Psychological First Aid and Reunification


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The Truth About ADA Website Accessibility


With well over 300 credit unions actively engaged in some form of lawsuit regarding their website, 2018 is certainly becoming known as the year of the demand letter. During this presentation, Eric Isham, CEO and Founder of OMNICOMMANDER sets the record straight when it comes to the rules on accessibility. If you have any question as to whether your website is a lawsuit waiting to happen, then you should attend.

CU*BASE Workshop: Report Builder/Query


 Take that leap into understanding more about your CU*BASE database with this Report Builder Workshop. This hands-on class will walk you through creating queries using your own data, as you follow along with your laptop.

Requirements for the class include:

  • Attendee has laptop configured to connect to Gold remotely, with Gold installed.
  • Attendee has taken the Intro to Query online classes prior to the day of class
  • Attendee has authority to all files in the database

Leveraging Assisted Self-Service to Improve Efficiency and Enhance Experiences

Kellan Roberts, Diebold

Numerous industries—including airlines, retail and restaurants—are improving consumer experiences and boosting operational efficiencies by deploying assisted self-service models. Some financial institutions are already reaping similar benefits by placing assisted self-service terminals in branch lobbies, and chances are good that you can, too. Attend this session to better understand the rationale for deploying assisted self-service in the branch, and learn to develop a comprehensive plan to deliver an ideal consumer experience while maximizing the benefits for your institution.

CU*BASE Workshop: Next Level Lending & Collections

CU*SOUTH, Collections By Objective - CBO

Take your collections team to the next level! Join Becky for a review of the many tools available in CU*BASE to streamline your Lending & Collections efforts. Open discussions about eNotices vs printed notices, NADA, Electronic Loan Checklists and other areas CU*BASE could be working for you. Learn more about CU*BASE Classification Codes and possible purposes, Write Off/Charge Off configurations and dashboard and automated trackers like Promise to Pay. . Bring your laptop to review your own configuration options and see how you could turn your lending process into an efficient staff and member experience.

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Creating Awareness, Living Mindfully

Dr. David Kantra, Center for Calm Living

Dr. Kantra has presented at National and regional conferences as well as to general audiences on topics such as stress management, professional burnout, business relations, parenting strategies, and marital enrichment. He also writes articles on a variety of self-help topics.

Bank Secrecy Act for Directors and staff


Earn your BSA Certification in Orange Beach, AL! Learn about the components of a BSA Program - AML, CTR’s and SAR’s. Why is BSA important for Directors and what does the CU Staff need to know?